From Oxford to Agia


“Have you made a contract of going back, you have been insane and Oxford has made you super arrogant, are you incubating the most foolish desire of changing a broken nation, you are just slipping away from a superbly lucrative career; I guess you are doing the right thing, I know you want to get married to a girl in Assam only, the country needs some mad dogs like you, for a village boy like yours India is the best place to live”


Last ride from High Street

Well, there is no dearth of comment/advice/wishes when you make a journey like Oxford to Agia. But for me, it was eighteen (18) well-thought-after reasons (pinned in my auto-bio blog) that made me on board the journey back to India. I didn’t mention one reason there though: I wanted to update this blog with the same title sentence from the last post, except changing the position of two words (pun intended, but of little quotient!). I sincerely believed, if life is a story, the story of my life would be super interesting only if I come back straight and there occurs something extreme on arrival (either good or bad).

It’s been over a year now, since I returned from Oxford, followed by an internship stint with the McKinsey Amsterdam office. Amidst all the things that kept my schedule super packed during the last year, I have been trying to nurture one concept – Fulltime Volunteering @ Home. It wasn’t any strategic post-Oxford career move, rather, consequential steps of  an extremity, almost the way I expected.

Now, let me not re-write what I have already written in the BSG Blog: Post BSG destination: Fulltime Volunteering @ Home. I have written about the concept and the extreme component in that post of the BSG Blog. It has been received well so far, and I am glad the Oxford to Agia voyage had been fruitful.

My last post ‘From Agia to Oxford’ opened a Pandora’s box and left many consequential endeavors including a short movie titled ‘One Last Question’. Now, I expect, this post logically closes the Pandora’s box on an optimistic note.

I will continue posting my thoughts and learning (that are suitable for public view) in this blog. In the time period between these two posts, I have opened the “most self deliberated” auto-bio blog and hope to make it public some day.

May optimism flourish in this planet !



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